Managed Private Cloud

  • A custom cloud tailored to your business
  • High-availability infrastructure with instant failover recovery
  • Effortless scaling to additional compute nodes
  • Maximum uptime web server load balancers and clustering
  • SSD or SATA SAN storage with RAID 10 local redundancy and automatic mirroring
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Managed Openstack Private Cloud

Build the cloud your business deserves on our fully redundant high-availability infrastructure. With OpenStack, building a bespoke, private, secure cloud needn't be complex or expensive.

A private cloud will help your business maximize the value of its infrastructure investment. For enterprise clouds, our platform is substantially more cost-effective than physical infrastructure or traditional public cloud platforms.

Scale quickly with zero downtime, deploy servers in seconds, and leverage the full control offered by our intuitive control panel — all in a private cloud environment that guarantees the security and privacy of your data.

OpenStack is a cutting-edge open source cloud infrastructure management solution used by many of the world's largest companies. OpenStack offers powerful compute, storage, and network management tools with an intuitive interface and flexible API. OpenStack and its thriving developer ecosystem empower businesses to innovate faster while optimizing their infrastructure investment.


Custom Managed Solutions

Our engineers will design, build and manage your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.


Hardware firewalls, iptables, CSF, APF, Windows firewall

Web Servers

(SSL, DNS, Mail, Patches, Databases, Control Panels, etc.)


KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, etc.

Control Panel Software

cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM, OnApp, etc.

Load Balancers

Hardware, Load Balancer, HAProxy, nGinx, etc.

Technical Support

Our cloud experts are always standing by to service your needs.

, your Service Expert

Our multi-lingual team of service experts are always standing by

Call 1.888.237.6637

Private Cloud Features


State-of-the-art data center

Private clouds have access to a 10 Gb/s back-end network with redundant bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 providers.


Custom network security

We offer full access to a hardware firewall with custom rules and port control. Cloud users can create private network segments.


Simple infrastructure deployment

Our refined and intuitive compute and storage management interface makes deploying new virtual machines frictionless.


Expert Assistance

Cloud experts are ready to help you architect and deploy your custom private cloud. Support staff are available to you round-the-clock.

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